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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Secession Solution


What a wonderful thought - America splintering into 50 sovereign nations. It's probably the only way we will ever be shorn of the shackles of Fedzilla and statism. Still the anti-liberty notion of collective decision making continues to plague human societies at all levels.
Earlier this month, Amendment 1 — an amendment to the North Carolina state constitution that precludes the state from recognizing gay marriage, among various other kinds of domestic partnership — was passed by voters. Much has already been made of the bill's discriminatory content, the former need to "vote against," and the current need for repeal, but much of this looks more like an exercise in missing the point than anything else. In the end, the problem with Amendment 1 is not so much that this election was decided in one direction and not the other, but rather that we live in a society content to employ statewide voting as a means of collective decision making in the first place.
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