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Friday, June 1, 2012

Sirius XM Is Not Alone Anymore

So for all of the great things Sirius has been able to do within its business -- while enjoying the benefit of what investors like to say as having "no competition" -- it is unable to explain why the stock continues to plummet, even with the so-called "catalyst" of Liberty Media(LMCA_) scooping up cheap shares on the open market. "Competition" and "monopoly" are two concepts that Sirius investors have never been able to fully grasp, even though Internet radio giant Pandora(P_) continues to grow each quarter and appears to be able to monetize its listening audience by virtue of growing ad revenue. Then there is Spotify, iHeartRadio, terrestrial radio, and online radio stations from titans such as AOL(AOL_) and Yahoo(YHOO_), all of which can easily be streamed to your smartphone by downloading a free app.
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