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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Washington Post Finally Breaks ‘Bilderberg’ Silence
The Washington Post—whose top managers have long attended the hyper-exclusive Bilderberg Conferences each year and were thanked by Bilderberg leaders for never reporting on the conference—broke decades of silence and gave a respectable report on Bilderberg 2012 on the front of its Metro section June 2. “Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates were chauffeured in.” the story in the Post noted, adding, “Outside the [security] barriers, dozens of protesters and conspiracy theorists—convinced that Bilderberg is a global cabal [of about 120 key members] that runs the world—waved signs and shouted into bullhorns.” And while the approximately 626-word Post story downplayed Bilderberg’s power and influence, the clunky article revealed that Washington lobbyist Vin Weber, “who has been a presenter at Bilderberg twice,” is an advisor to GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
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