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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

$92 Million "Pentagon" on $10 Billion Afghan Spending "Menu"

America may be broke and bankrupt but that won't stop us from dumping $10 billion into Afghanistan, including building Afghanistan its very own Pentagon!
Americans might think we are spending a lot of money on our own Pentagon, with its annual budget of more than half a trillion dollars a year, covering defense installations and service personnel at home as well as a vast array of worldwide military operations. But we are also building a brand new "Pentagon," or military headquarters, for Afghanistan for a mere $92 million. The five-story, 516,000 square-foot building now under construction features domed roofs and a high-tech basement to link Aghan generals at the headquarters with their troops fighting the Taliban across the country, according to a Washington Post report. But the Kabul "Pentagon," while a high-profile symbol of continued American commitment to the nation we invaded after the terrorist attacks of September 11. 2001, is but one item on what the Post described as "a $10 billion menu of construction projects aimed at bolstering Afghanistan's security forces." A total of 1,150 buildings have been planned...
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