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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gold Manipulation is Going Mainstream

The article below written by Thomas Pascoe in the UK’s Telegraph is to me evidence that the gold manipulation story is about to go mainstream. I spent many years writing all about precious metals (physical metal held outside the banking system) as the most logical wealth protection tool in the current environment, as well as the obvious manipulation of gold and silver by the Washington D.C./Wall Street/Central Bank syndicate. The reason I haven’t written as much about it lately is by no means a reflection of a changed attitude, rather I just think I have said all there is to say on it and I am attempting to wake people up to other crimes and threats.

That said, the LIBOR rigging scandal may be a key inflection point in the public’s awareness and willingness to comprehend the clear gold rigging that has been going on for years and has reached biblical proportions in the last year or so.
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