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Thursday, July 19, 2012

NASCAR and Formula One are Welfare Queens

Sports in general are highly subsidized by the taxpayers. If one ponders the outsized compensation of sports celebrities, there usually is a taxpayer subsidy and that translates to the poor and middle class funding welfare for the wealthy. Most of the subsidies come in the form of taxpayer funded stadiums for baseball and football...

However, baseball and football aren't the only sports welfare queens. Republicans have been subsidizing NASCAR for many years and typically through the Department of Defense. The House recently voted to continue NASCAR subsidies, probably because Republicans control the House of Representatives and NASCAR fans tend to be warmongering neocon statist socialists.

NASCAR isn't the only car racing welfare queen. In Austin, Texas, Formula One, another car racing giant, is the subject of a financial scandal over hundreds of millions in taxpayer subsidies. The local newspaper, the Austin-American Statesman, filed a request for financial disclosure on a transaction that is nothing but a gargantuan taxpayer ripoff.
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