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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obamacare Poised To Give Birth To New ‘Welfare Queens’—Only Worse

Obamacare requires states to set up their own exchanges—systems in which private insurance compaines are tasked with managing Medicaid patients—or have new Medicaid patients, under guidelines to be implemented in 2014, absorbed into federal exchanges. Earlier this year, Louisiana implemented Bayou Health–an exchange to transfer current Medicaid patients into a network where their care could be managed by one of five private insurers with the goal of reducing healthcare cost....Businesses will find it cheaper to pay the $2,000 per-employee annual tax—imposed on workplaces with more than 50 employees– for not providing healthcare plans than the plans. These workers will eventually end up being covered under Medicaid. If people with an annual income exceeding $15,000 per-year didn’t want to be covered by Medicaid, they could just avoid Obamacare taxes by purchasing private insurance—which they won’t do. Even with taxes going to 2.5 percent of income per-year by 2016, it will be much cheaper for middle class people to pay the tax than to pay insurance premiums, which averaged over $2,000 for a single person last year.
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