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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ron Paul is the Greatest American Patriot and Liberty Loving Activist in Modern American History

OKAY, the Republican statist neocons are gloating and celebrating that Ron Paul probably won't be on the ballot in Tampa because he failed to win a plurality in 5 states. Of course, I'm not surprised because I have never known an establishment Republican loyalist who wasn't a socialist, a Marxist, a big government statist, a warmonger, a crony capitalist fascist, a crusher of civil liberties and a bankster loving debt supporting inflationist.

Well, none of this matters because the Revolution for Liberty will continue and Ron Paul has definitely succeeded in spawning a Revolution that is unstoppable.

In his amazing public career, Ron Paul has educated millions, probably tens of millions, on the evils of big government, wars and central banking. For 40 years Ron Paul was marginalized, castigated, humiliated, degraded and insulted by the vicious media and government supporters of tyranny.

But through it all, Ron Paul stood tall, Ron Paul stood alone, Ron Paul remained courageous and Ron Paul never sacrificed his morality and principles. Ron Paul never sold his soul to Satan for power and money.

America hasn't born witness to such testicular fortitude since the days our founders roamed America and waged an identical Revolution for Liberty.
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