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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Aurora Shooting Raises More Questions than Answers

As typically happens in a mass shooting, the media goes nuts blasting 2nd amendment rights and the event gets politicized to the hilt. As a fierce defender of the 2nd amendment, I support open carry and concealed carry. Furthermore, I don't believe that a person should needs permission from the government to defend themselves and their families with firearms from violent predators.

With 12 confirmed dead, including a 6 year old girl, and another 58 with gunshot injuries, here's what is known. The shooter has been identified as James Holmes, a neuro-science PHD student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine who was obtaining his higher education on a government grant.

It doesn't appear that the shooter walked through the front door of the theater of the theater as reported by a federal agent to CBS.
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