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Monday, July 2, 2012

UN Proposes 10,000% Ammo Tax While Restricting &Tracking Firearm Ownership

WOW. It seems that the SCOTUS affirmation of the power of Fedzilla to tax is now unleashing anti-2nd amendment tax proposals. And, of course, the anti-gun UN never gives up hacking away at the right to bear arms.
Michael Filozof of the American Thinker today cited a 1993 article from The New York Times in which the Democrat Senator from New York, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan “proposed adding a 10,000% Federal tax to 9mm handgun ammunition as part of ‘HillaryCare.’”Responding to the recent Supreme Court decision in which the federal government could conceivably enact such a tax present-day, Filozof rhetorically asks; “Did John Roberts just open the door for a future Democratic Congress to actually enact such a tax as part of ObamaCare?”
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