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Thursday, July 12, 2012

When I Would Hold My Nose and Vote Republican

As a Libertarian and a Ron Paul Republican, I rarely vote Republican because I've never met an establishment Republican who wasn't a socialist, a Marxist, a warmonger, a usurper of the Constitution, an enemy of civil liberties and a tax and spend progressive.

That said, there are circumstances where I would hold my nose and vote Republican. The US Senate. Screwed up as America is, one of the few things we have going for us is our sovereignty and while it's constantly under attack by the UN and its treaties that are attempting to impose global totalitarian government, treaties are extremely difficult to get ratified....

Republicans are less likely than the Dems to ratify sovereignty slashing treaties. The Dems, on the other hand, are addicted to sovereignty slashing supranational international bodies like the UN and its treaties. It doesn't mean that all Republicans are supportive of US sovereignty, they aren't, but Republicans are generally far less likely to cede US sovereignty to the UN.

If I lived in a swing state with a tight senate race, I'd definitely be holding my nose and voting Republican unless I knew for certain that the candidate was a UN lover (George Allen in Virginia comes to mind). While I'm a fanatical liberty activist, I'm also a fanatical US sovereignty activist.

Without our sovereignty, we have nothing and no hope whatsoever of solving our problems.

Meanwhile, Obama and the Dems are pushing for ratification of the UN's Small Arms Treaty, a direct assault on American 2nd amendment rights.
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