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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Woman’s Grass Is Too Long. Policeman Breaks into Her Bedroom to Warn Her

Didn't cut your grass? The cops could end up in your bedroom!
Is your grass too long? You are at risk if you live in Martinez, Georgia. The city issued a warning to a woman. Then a local cop went beyond the call of duty — and common sense. Erica Masters woke to the policeman “serving her a violation at her bedroom doorway.” The officer “knocked at her door to give her a violation for her grass being too long. After knocking several times, he entered her home, walked into her bedroom, and told her to get up.” The good news is that he is now on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. She plans to sue the city if nothing is done. I wonder what the city was doing to serve her a warning for grass that as too long. Was it a health hazard? A fire hazard?...
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