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Thursday, August 2, 2012

$76,000 Per Student: Training on Getting a Minimum-Wage Job

Nothing like a government program!
The federal government specifies that employers are not allowed to pay less to employees than what the government has determined is a minimum wage.

At present, unemployment among teenagers in the USA is around 25%.

This is a major crisis. So, the government has responded. It has created a program to train teenagers in how to get a minimum wage job.

Such training does not come cheaply. It costs $76,000 per student.

These job training programs have been in operation for 18 months.

Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma thinks this is wasted money. But he wanted to study Oklahoma to see what is going on. Key findings included:

Administrative costs are high. “In one program, just 14 cents of every dollar went to actual job training.”

Here is another: “the Job Corps program spent $36,000 on flowers and billboards.”
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