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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bogus Justifications for the National-Security State

Interventionists justify the existence of the vast military and intelligence establishment in America by telling us that there are “radical Islamic elements” in the world.

But the question is: Should that be a justification for continuing the U.S. national security state — i.e., a permanent military and intelligence establishment — that was brought into existence in 1947?

After all, what was the justification for building a vast, permanent military-industrial complex, an empire of foreign military bases, and a CIA in 1947? Was it the fact that there were radical Muslims in the world? Was it the possibility that Islamic terrorists were planning to invade the United States and conquer and occupy our nation?

No! The justification had nothing to do with any of that. Instead, the justification for the permanent militarization of America was communism and communists. If we don’t militarize America, the argument went, the communists will invade, conquer, and occupy our nation.
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