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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Congress Can’t Pass a Bill? No Problem! Obama Can Just Sign an Executive Order

Our favorite Senator, Jay Rockefeller, the man who lamented the creation of the internet, is actively urging President Obama to sign an Executive Order to achieve the same results as the Cybersecurity Act that Congress failed to pass. It is beyond disgusting that a sitting Senator would encourage The President to bypass the legislative branch (of which he is a member) and evade the checks and balances that exist between the three branches of government that was such a key provision of The Constitution. The founding fathers intimately understood the dangers of a King and they wanted to make sure The President couldn’t act like one. For a sitting member of Congress to encourage this is nothing short of despicable. He is an embarrassment to the institution itself.

This is just further evidence of our political decay into a nation of men, rather than a nation of laws.
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