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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is the GOP Old, White, Gray and Dying?

Republicans are a most peculiar species. They tend to be old, white, gray and dying. They also tend to be in photos carrying anti-Obama signs sporting slogans that scream 'NO Socialism' while they simultaneously scream for more socialism for themselves, notably Social Security and Medicare. It's all about socialism for me but not for thee.

Obama hatred is what drives the Republican base into an intense frenzy of raw and absolute hatred. Those damn liberals are spending our tax dollars, those damn liberals are killing the babies, those damn liberals are God hating atheists, those damn liberals hate the military and on and on. The Republican indictment against Obama and the Democrats makes the indictment against King George contained in the Declaration of Independence appear downright wimpy and empty.

As one who embraces classical liberalism, before liberals became murderous warmongers, progressives, statists, totalitarian thugs, Stalinists, Marxists and various shades of anti-liberty militaristic tyranny, I tried real hard to believe that the Republican Party was indeed the party of Jefferson, the Constitution, liberty and limited government. WOW! Was I ever wrong.
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