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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping the LOVE in R 3VOL UTION

We tout "The R3VOLUTION" -- a revolution of love. But let us remember what that means.
When we offer our solutions to the problems of society, we must first state our opposition to the status quo. If we don't do that then we have no credibility.
Libertarianism is not and should never be an endorsement of the system that exists now.
That means that if people are suffering under the current system, we must acknowledge that suffering. Only once we have done that will they listen.
For someone who is starving, or is sick and dying from lack of proper health care it does not matter how they get food or care -- especially if their suffering is not acknowledged first.
If libertarianism is not an answer to suffering then it is meaningless. Fortunately, it is an answer, but we as a movement often forget to stress this point.
We must create a world where the stitches that seam the planet together are love, compassion, and friendship -- rather than fear and threats of force. We as a movement must do this personally and politically.

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Eric Sharp,
Regular Columnist, THL
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