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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nothing Succeeds Like ‘Success’

There is only one possible tack for Ron Paul’s supporters in the Republican party to take, and that is irreconcilable opposition to Romney, and to the neocon-dominated party leadership. This doesn’t mean dropping out of the party: it means biding their time.

Paul’s supporters should continue their guerrilla war against the GOP leadership — yes, right up to the bitter end — and dispute Romney’s brazen vote fraud and the party’s disenfranchisement of its own grassroots activists. The best place to do this is in Tampa, where a fight over credentials can be turned into a cause celebre. I can see it now: the “Freedom Republican” delegation from Louisiana demands to be seated, objecting to the ideological segregation of libertarian Republicans and the denial of voting rights to American citizens. It’s a story the mainstream media will eat up: how’s that for “mainstream success”?
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