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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ours is the Movement That Will Pierce the Heavens!

gurren lagannBy Eric Sharp:
In the final episodes of Gurren Lagann the anti-spirals activate a humanity-destruction sequence that causes the moon to start to fall to earth. They do this because too many humans now populate the planet. Their will to evolve will eventually threaten the Universe.

Previously the anti-spirals had forced all humans to live in underground chambers with very close population control.
All this talk of the dangers of humanity and the need to control our growth and potential  for the good of the Universe is not unlike what some of the Left and State-Corporate Elite say about the planet.

Prince What'shisface  (it's not important to remember the titles of royalty, we're classical liberals!) is reported as saying that he'd like to return to earth as a deadly virus in a next life so that he could help with over population.

The Anti-Spiral forces that seek to supress or destroy humanity and other Spiral races are like the State and its loyal followers.

They see humans as a disease to be contained, and force of chaos and irrational consumption to be controlled like the Earth were one big zoo and there's too many hippos and giraffes. The followers of the cult of the state see markets and freely made decisions as a major threat to Order and Peace. Much as Anti-Spiral did with humans and the other Spiral races.

This is what the statists is really most afraid of: humanity itself. They have a very dark view of human nature, and find it odd that we haven't already killed ourselves off. In essence we are seen as lumps of clay to be molded or as spoiled children that need to be told not to bash our heads in with a hammer.

But just who do the hell do the Statists think we are?!

We are the Movement to Liberate All Humanity!
We are Team Liberty!
Ours is the Movement that will Pierce the Heavens!

In the past 50 years, and most especially since 2007 we have done what was never supposed to happen. Libertarians were tolerated and chucked at, chided and ignored. But now by the "Spiral power" of the internet we are United and our numbers grow by the thousands each year. The Powers That Be put up every roadblock conceivable. Media black out and bias. Election Fraud. A population largely taught that freedom is dangerous.

That was supposed to mean a 0% of success, but for us that's as good as 100% because the dynamic human spirit can overcome any obstacle. We've made the impossible real, and the Left and the Right are both shaking in their boots- they can hardly keep it together. The unswayed now are curious what Liberty is and now by the freedom in our hearts we can climb to new heights!

Don't be dismayed by the bad bills and wars, we may be backed into a corner but the struggle for liberty has just begun. For the first time in a long time Freedom is a politically viable bloc, our contingent has made significant gains over the past 4 years and we will succeed.

Through impossible odds we will win!
Conservative-Libertarian-Anarchist Combining, Friends United!
Amid all this division and debate about Rand and where to go post-2012 let us not forget who we are. We are the Liberty Movement and we won't be divided so easily, I should hope. We've broken through the barriers meant to be impassible and we've made the impossible possible. Our momentum is only beginning, so let's keep our eyes on liberation.

We will pierce the political heavens with our drill!
giga drill

And when we do and the Powers That Be have fallen, and they say, "If this is how it must be, then take care of the planet."

We'll respond, "Of course we will, who do you think we are?"
Humanity needs no masters and magistrates to avoid destroying everything we touch.
The State-Corporate Elite built this world to suit their whims, and people can and will live in a way that is not destructive to themselves and to the world- with a little growth and if just given the chance.

That after all is what makes us libertarians isn't it? The core belief that when left alone that society and people in it can and will function without Rules and Rulers.
So don't believe in the me that believes in you, believe in yourself and
kick logic out and do the impossible!

 We can free the unfreeable!
Break the Unbreakable!
"We are the ones who snatch the future from the jaws of destruction!
If there's a wall in our way we tear it down!
If there isn't a path we carve one ourselves!
We will never surrender! That's how team Liberty rolls.


Eric Sharp,
Regular Columnist, THL

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