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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC Delegate: If RNC Rule Change Had Been in Place in 1976, Ronald Reagan Would Have Never Become President!

By: Wes Messamore

Monday, I did an incredible 20-minute audio interview with an RNC delegate from Pennsylvania, who really broke down the entire RNC rule change process and controversy piece by piece, explaining it and making it very easy to understand what the changes are and the process the RNC went through to get those changes passed as well as the process that opponents of the rules change went through to try to block it, which they unfortunately failed to do on the convention floor yesterday.

Using the interview as primary source material, I also wrote a formal news article reporting the delegate's claim that Reagan would not have become president if these rules had been in place in 1976. This is a powerful argument to many Republicans and will help them understand why these rules changes should not have passed. Please visit, read, and share this article with Republicans you know:

Delegate: RNC Rule Change Would Have Silenced Reagan in ’76

In an interview Monday, Brian Dougherty, a Republican National Convention delegate from the Pennsylvania delegation told IVN that if the controversial RNC rule change advanced by the Romney camp at this week’s convention were in place in 1976, Ronald Reagan would have never risen to prominence in the GOP at the 1976 Republican convention, which set the stage for his successful presidential bid in 1980.

Dougherty said:

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