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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa

Doug Wead affirms that Ron Paul delegates are not welcome in Tampa.
Remember all of those hard fought victories? Thousands of people who gave up their time and money to attend precinct caucuses? And then faced coordinated attacks at District and County Conventions, where threatened establishment Party hacks had hired thugs ready to arrest them? Sometimes the very new Country Chairman, duly elected to replace them?

Remember all of that?

And we won some of those battles and people were saying, don’t be a defeatist Doug, we can still win enough states to get him nominated in Tampa and thus galvanize the nation behind his message. And they were right if it had been fair and it had happened naturally but there was always this, that the cheating that was experienced on a local level, often happens at the national level too and so we have come to that moment, the one that I have been warning you about.

Here is the message coming out of Headquarters tonight:

The Committee on Contests recently issued a ruling on the establishment’s challenge to Ron Paul’s delegates and alternates who were duly elected in Maine, and on our challenges to the outright cheating that occurred in Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Oregon (alternates only).
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