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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Satan, Thy Name is Paul Ryan

I adore satire disbursed with truth and this is excellent as well as hilarious, once again proving that both the left and the right are totally nuts.

"FACT: Paul Ryan proposed legislation requiring every American woman to carry a copy of Atlas Shrugged inside her vagina.....

We’re only joshing and being playful scamps, of course....

In reality, Paul Ryan is not as “extreme” as many leftists fear or many rightists may wish. He’s not against government spending when it comes to fighting useless imperialistic wars, bailing out banks, or jailing recreational drug users. He is—surprise, surprise—more a politician than an ideologue. Despite how he’s being painted, even the Randians and the Birchers disown him.

The main problem with politics is that it’s typically framed as a tacky and half-assed moral struggle rather than a logical debate on what works and what doesn’t. And until we learn to focus on “true and false” rather than “right and wrong,” our two major parties offer nothing more than a choice of whether you wanna wear a blue or red jumpsuit when we all fall off a cliff."
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