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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Should Ron Paul announce a VP pick?

Now this would be fun! Yes, Ron Paul should definitely announce a VP pick.
Could Ron Paul pick a VP?

It would be quite a brilliant political move if Ron Paul decided to announce a VP choice in the coming days. He could finally steal some huge headlines, especially if he beat Mitt Romney to the punch. It would also remind and inform voters on the fact that Ron Paul actually never suspended his campaign and does qualify to have his name entered into nomination at the Republican National Convention.

There are intense legal battles going on in all or most of the states that Ron Paul has or had a plurality in until recently. Even his strong delegation in Maine is now hanging in the balance as to whether they will be able to be seated at the convention. Considering this state was so boldly wrought with fraud and the state party never finished counting the votes of the caucus and never announced the real winner, it is just a complete additional slap in the face to try to also steal his majority of delegates that were won fair and square at their state convention.
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