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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Alternative and Antidote to the Major Party Statist Candidates...

America is faced with a choice on November 6, 2012 of selecting, and voting for one of "the lesser of two evils." Both Barrack Hussein Obama and Mitt Willard Romney are statists who believe in the power of government to correct perceived societal, economic, and political problems. They both believe the government, rather than the individual(s) has the solutions to problems and therefore believe government creates the environment that leads to prosperity and growth. The paths each advocate are different, but ultimately both paths lead to tyranny. A reality wherein the government reverses roles on the people and the people begin to work for the government. In direct contradiction to our founding principles and our Constitution.

Gary Johnson, a limited government, fiscal conservative, pro defense (yet anti MIC), libertarian (liberal) on social issues, and vocal supporter of individual liberty is a man with a clear vision for America, he understands the direction the nation needs to travel and the means by which to achieve getting America back on track again.
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