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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The GOP's Civil War - Big Government Statists vs. Liberty Activists

If you checkout out photos and film clips of Republican public gathering, you will always see tons of signs that scream "Obama is a Socialist". Well, he is. However, the glaring truth that Republicans ignore is the fact that Republicans are socialists too!

As the Republican Party remains a fractured mess that is fiercely divided to the point where the GOP is suffering profound electability problems, establishment Republicans just do not understand why the constitutionalist, Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters no longer vote Republican. The fissures are now so pronounced that Republicans are now screaming "to hell with those Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians and constitutionalists, we don't need them, we are the Republican Party and there are enough of us to win elections". Well, that's a highly debatable assumption, especially in tight swing states that will absolutely be critical in November.
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