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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The rEbublican pArty Attempting to Limit Voter Choice in Iowa... It Won't Stop There

Mittens has declared WAR on the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson.
As could be expected the new neo Fascist rEpublican party and its sorry excuse of a presumptive nominee, Willard Mittens Romneyskull, is trying the usual underhanded tactics so common in the new neo Fascist rEpublican party. They are trying to shut down Gary Johnson's Libertarian run for the presidency by attempting to get him removed from the ballot. All I say is these sorry a** boys must be really scared as it appears they are shi**ing themselves in their attempt to vaporize what they believe is support that would be theirs were it not for the candidacy of Gary Johnson. Well boys and girls, guess what... You haven't earned the support of, or the respect of Gary Johnson or Ron Paul supporters. In fact it is indeed bewildering why ANYBODY would support the rEpublican party today..

Every liberty minded true Republican and independent ought to throw their support solidly behind Gary Johnson. If for no other reason than to bring the new neo Fascist rEpublican party to its knees, if not exterminating it entirely.

Whatever respect liberty minded people might have had for the rEpublican party it should be gone entirely after this crap by the new neo fascist rEpublican party.
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