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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Was There an American Revolution?

The Federalists were led by Alexander Hamilton and they sought a very strong federal government with significant centralized powers. The Republicans were led by Thomas Jefferson who abhorred federal powers and considered America to be a union of sovereign states and that most power should be vested with the states and not the federal government. Jefferson greatly feared federal power which he rightfully perceived as the means erode liberty.

The Federalist were also strongly attached to Britain and many considered them to be loyalist loving royalists. Post Revolution, the Federalist sought to align America with Britain at the expense of France. Meanwhile the French were embroiled in their own hideous revolution that went horribly bad and resulted in the Reign of Terror and a bloodbath.

The Federalists were screaming for WAR with France.....

The fact that the Federalists won the day and the original Jeffersonian Republicans got squashed is indeed a most disturbing legacy of American history.

That said, the Jeffersonian Republicans never really disappeared. While a minority, they exist as Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians, Independents and folks of various political stripes who do in fact comprehend that Hamiltonian Federalism is a Big Fail.
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