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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Occupy Protests Both DNC And RNC

By: Eric Sharp
Delegates and convention goers who were forced to wait for buses to be rerouted expressed surprise that the Occupy presence has been stronger at the DNC than at the Republican convention in Tampa last week. "I didn't see them at the Republican convention," said Wandra Ashley-Williams, vice president of the Maryland State Conference NAACP. "That's not good."
Bad news for party elites. Perhaps Occupy knew that Ron Paul's people were already going to bring the fight to the RNC. Anyway what this means for the DNC is that they have a populous movement angry not just at Republicans but mostly at the Democrats for selling out.

Compare what reported people were saying about Corporate contributions and the bailouts inside and outside of the Democratic National Convention. Convention goers saw no problem with the bailouts, while Occupy protestors compared the bailouts to theft.

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