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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Government Will Never End the Fed but the Fed is Destined to Die Anyway

Although the Republican controlled House of Representatives recently passed Audit the Fed, HR 459, Audit the Fed will never pass nor will the Fed ever be abolished legislatively. Republicans really do support the Federal Reserve because it funds their wars and empire. Furthermore, all the Republican YEA's to Audit the Fed were nothing more than an act of political expediency because Republicans in Congress absolutely do understand that Audit the Fed stands no chance of ever getting out of the Senate where it only has 30 co-sponsors and could never survive a presidential veto.

The Federal Reserve is the mother's milk of empire, tyranny and statism. Big government and central banks exist for no purpose except to massive concentrate wealth and power. Moreover, it's absolutely true that the phrase "99% vs the 1%" is indeed a valid premise even if it was hatched by socialists on the left. What the progressive left fails to grasp is that it was liberal progressive Democrats who delivered unto us the Federal Reserve that was empowered to transfer wealth from the 99% to the 1%.
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