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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I've never written a book

I've wanted to be a writer since I was 12 or 13 and first read Isaac Asimov's classic science fiction trilogy, Foundation. Around the same time, I became very interested in politics. My desire to be a science fiction writer lingered for awhile (and lingers still), but soon I knew I wanted to write non-fiction books as much or more.

It's over a decade later and I've become a writer for sure. I've written so much on this blog and elsewhere, but I still haven't written a book. Books are very special as a medium for a lot of reasons, and I've been "working on" writing more than one book for years now with no results. That's unacceptable.

Are there any goals you have, goals perfectly within your power to achieve, but for some reason you just have no steam? I'm finally fed up with this. In 2013, I write a book.

I mean, I guess I wrote this one, but its format is too similar to everything else I write. I want something you can read on your Kindle.

My goal is to write a book before the end of March. My goal is to spend no more than a week from start to publication, spending as much time as I need in order to get it done during that week. My goal is to give it away to you for free here on

What's a goal you have? Something you may have been putting off for years? Something you could accomplish in one month if you were determined? If it's near-term enough of a goal, and specific enough of a goal, and you share it in the comments below, feel free to tell me how I can help you and I'll do whatever I can.

If it's a libertarian / news / politics-related goal, my manner of help would be easy to determine. I could promote it, introduce you to someone via email, (etc.). If it's something apolitical like quit smoking cigarettes, start exercising, learn guitar, start a business, gain more Twitter followers, learn another language, eat a paleo diet, or something else, I'll still be happy to find a way I can help.

I think the best thing the libertarian movement can do to spread our message is invest in ourselves to become the brightest, happiest, strongest, most daring, most creative, most successful people on the planet.

If I spend half my time fighting the state by disseminating information about its abuses and protesting its activities, and the other half of my time finding time-wasters and excuses not to better myself, I might as well just drop my fight against the state and start fighting my own squirrel brain.

We'll win if we have more resources than the goons. Since they can steal their resources (including from us), we have to work doubly hard to invest in growing ours. Wouldn't it be awesome if Bill Gates was a libertarian? Too bad, he's already made up his mind about things. The answer is for one of you to become the next Bill Gates. That's actually easier and more fun.

We're going to win because we're going to have the best people. We're going to win because we're going to become the best people. What have you got? Lay it on me. I want to help.

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