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Friday, March 8, 2013


It was truly awesome to see #StandWithRand trending on Twitter the other day.

Just as awesome as all the love for Rand Paul on Twitter, was all the anger directed at Senator Lindsey Graham. From Politico last night:

'As good a day as this was for Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter, it was at least that bad for Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Laced throughout the thousands of tweets cheering on the filbustering Kentucky Republican was a vicious, visceral anger aimed squarely at the South Carolinian up for reelection next year.

The rallying cry hashtag: #PrimaryGraham.

 “This very well could be a defining moment in this particular campaign — the moment Lindsey Graham lost his grip on the boots on the ground in South Carolina,” Daniel Encarnacion, state secretary for the Republican Liberty Caucus, said in an interview.

Paul emerged as a folk hero whose appeal spread far beyond his tea party base for perhaps the first time, as seen by the enduring strength of the hashtag #StandWithRand. More than 18 hours after Paul yielded the floor following a 13-hour stemwinder, it continued to trend.'

Great find, Jack!