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Monday, March 11, 2013

Seth Godin Video: Why You Need A Home Business (because the recession will never end!)

Writer, speaker, and entrepreneur Seth Godin explains why you need a home business:
"Here's the thing: The recession is a forever recession. There's a cyclical recession that comes and goes, and there's this other things, and it's the end of the industrial age. It lasted for eighty years. For eighty years, you got a job, you did what you were told, you retired-- and good people could make above average pay for average work. And it ended... The industrial age is going away and a new thing is going to take its place."
Read that? Very interesting take! The recession is never going to end.

The typical libertarian understanding of our current economic situation is that it is the result of a century of resource misallocation by coercive central planners in the world's governments, driven heavily by aggressive monetary expansion, which has reduced the value of the US dollar by 95% over the last century, shaving off a little bit of value at a time from each dollar everybody owns in order to inconspicuously steal it and spend it on worthless, unproductive things like bombs, predator drones, a TSA agent's salary, and your congressman's travel junket.

I think all that's true, but I think it's only a part of the picture.

Listening to multiple Seth Godin audio books over the past couple weeks has painted a fuller picture for me of what's going on in the world, and I think it's not just macroeconomic-- it's like... macrohistoric, a radical paradigm shift.

There was the neolithic agricultural revolution thousands of years ago that changed everything. It was a massive social upheaval. Hunter gatherers and pastoral nomads hated the new farmers. They even spread propaganda against the farmers calling their food offerings of crops unpleasing to God and accusing them of murdering their brother, the paleoliths whose offering of sheep was pleasing to God. You may be familiar with this as the story of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis in the Bible.

Then came the industrial revolution, much more quickly than the agricultural one. There was even more massive upheaval and a lot of blood spilled along with it. And a lot of detractors with anti-industrial propaganda. Now even more quickly than the industrial revolution, came the next revolution. We're still so early in it that naming it might be premature.

And like previous revolutions, the new way is destroying the old way. And it hurts. And people are scared. And people are confused. And people are losing their jobs. And a lot of people are fighting the revolution instead of riding the crest of its wave, especially those with the most invested in the old way (here's to you, Hollywood, the music industry, labor unions, Wall Street, print media, public school systems, and Washington DC among others).

Want to survive the tumult of revolution? Then be a part of the revolution. Stop sending in average resumes for average jobs where you can do average work in exchange for the now entirely incredible promise of a stable career with good pay and benefits. More people than ever are applying for such jobs, which are fewer than ever and pay less than ever, and all those trends will continue as the revolution gains steam. It's a bleak outlook for those waiting on someone else to pick them. Instead of waiting for someone to pick your resume out of a hundred, instead of waiting for a publisher to pick your book, and-- for Heaven's sake(!) instead of complaining that Congress or Obama haven't created enough stable jobs for you to pick from... pick yourself!

Start a home business. Self-publish your book. Engage with the new artisan class and join us. You can do it all using the device you're using to read this blog post. More on this to come at THL.

Enough from me. Didn't mean to write that much. Here's Godin on what's changing in the world and why you need a home business: