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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ben Swann of Reality Check Wants Your Input! #LibertyIsRising

Ben Swann, of the wildly popular Reality Check video series on a local Cincinnati news station, is moving on to bigger and better things, and wants your input on this next move. Here's Ben:

You can answer his survey at

If you're interested, here's a sample of my answers to his survey questions:


6. Where do you prefer to get your video-based content from?


7. Where do you go to get entertainment programming?

The Pirate Bay

8. What is your favorite show on tv or internet?

The Office!

9. Where does the majority of Liberty-oriented content you share with others originate from?

You create it yourself

The Humble Libertarian

10. If you picked website/blogs on the last answer which website/blog is your favorite news source?

The Humble Libertarian

11. How difficult has it been to find Liberty-oriented content on TV?

Occasionally get lucky

12. Describe your trust in the majority of Mainstream Media TV Networks.

Sometimes they surprise me with good content
(I struggled between putting this and "Zero trust" --I wish there was some sort of in between answer.)

13. Favorite News Show?

Don't Have One

14. Lease Favorite News Show?

Most of them

15. How regularly do you share video content from Full Disclosure or reality Check through social media?


16. Does the quality of the video influence the likelihood you will share content through social media?


17. Have you ever used either Reality Check or Full Disclosure episodes to educate your family or friends about liberty issues?


18. Have you ever contributed to a political fundraising money bomb?


19. Would you be willing to contribute to an effort to help Ben Swann make a major splash on a new national platform?


20. The average Kickstarter contributor makes a $75 commitment. What would you be willing to contribute to a #LibertyIsRising campaign to massively expand the size and scope of Full Disclosure?

$1 - $50

21. We believe Liberty is Rising. Do you? Why?

Yes. The Internet. Social Media. The Ron Paul Revolution in the electoral political process. Disclosures of government secrets (WikiLeaks). 3D printing of firearms (Defense Distributed and DefCad). The massive rise of a robust homeschooling movement. Runaway entrepreneurship on an unprecedented level, beating the government outside the political process and in the realm of economics through providing superior alternative services. The lower barriers to entry in terms of startup costs and the massive availability of free or inexpensive market information that has enabled this boom in entrepreneurship. Again, the Internet. The Internet. The Internet. The Internet. The most beautiful and productive and liberating anarchy anyone has ever seen in the form of... The Internet.

[And I forgot to mention, the rising popularity of non-violent parenting and the children's rights movement. This is HUGE. Thank you Stefan Molyneux.]

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