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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There Were Bomb Sniffing Dogs and Bomb Squads at The Boston Marathon BEFORE The Explosions!

What? Bomb sniffing dogs at a major public event in a big city with so many people?

Is it inconceivable that there would have been security at a big event because... there's often security at big events?

If there was a bomb explosion at an airport, would the conspiracy-obsessed among us point out that the TSA was there when it happened, and say that it stinks of a false flag attack because of this, as they have been doing with the Boston Marathon bombing?


The sad part is the real story with this observation isn't that it's evidence of an inside job. It's that it's evidence of police incompetence. The state can't keep you safe. At least it can't guarantee your safety. You can spend yourself into poverty to pay for the security state; you can give up your last liberty for some security; you can panic yourself into a state of paralyzed terror of living in a world where you just might die sooner than you'd hoped; and in the end, you just might die sooner than you'd hoped.

But you probably won't.

But you will definitely be less wealthy, less happy, less free, and groped more often than you'd like by the kind of people that work at the DMV.

Libertarians have the opportunity here to point out the futility of the absolute security state, to point out the incompetence of those who we recklessly believe we can fully rely on to always keep us safe. Instead, Alex Jones et al. are hogging up all the media attention about the libertarian response to this with nutty, half-baked arguments trying to pin this on the nefarious operations of a calculatingly cold regime.

Libertarians should be the voice of calm and reason in situations like this, like Jesse Walker at Reason. We should also be the voice of *critical* scrutiny as events unfold, not wild, self-serving defeating speculation.

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