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Friday, April 12, 2013

Too long; didn't read it

Come on, Congress. You got to read the bills.

Headline from National Review: "Lee: ‘Not a Single Senator Has Been Provided the Legislative Text’ of Gun-Control Bill"

These become laws that affect our lives. You do know that, right? I mean I know you're above the law and everything, so it's hard to imagine, but we little munchkin people in Central Time can go to jail for not complying with all this stuff, so could you take a moment and know what you're voting on when you vote on it?

Remember practically two days ago when some of you were embarrassed that you passed the "Monsanto Protection Act" because you didn't know it was in there?

Can some renegade libertarian staffer in the Capitol please start waging guerrilla warfare on these clowns and insert language into every bill abolishing the TSA, repealing The Patriot Act, ending foreign aid to Pakistan, and putting ObamaCare out of our misery? No, seriously.

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