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Friday, May 3, 2013

Cody Wilson's 3D Printable Gun Designs Will Make Gun Control Impossible -IF YOU Download Them Today, A THL Original Presentation

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it."

-Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks


"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

-Department Store Santa Claus, A Christmas Story

"No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now."

-Afrika Bambaataa & SoulSonic Force, Renegades of Funk

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In his media interviews, Cody Wilson assumes a coy and shifty pose, giving short and often indirect answers to the many questions based on unspoken and-- for most people-- unexamined ideas, ideas that Cody sees straight through and refuses to accept. It's an appropriate and articulate pose. I think Cody does it because he knows his actions speak much louder than his words. His demeanor, which confounds so many of his interviewers, speaks volumes to me. It says, "I can print a gun --I rest my case. What more could I possibly say?"

Yes, actions do speak louder than words, and Cody's actions do speak louder than any words possibly could, including my own. This presentation is therefore my inadequate and comparatively pale attempt to transmit a message that is already loud and clear, already inherent in the very action of "printing" gun parts in the dawning era of the Internet, and-- as Cody has-- vowing to print an entire working gun, which is now an immanently plausible eventuality.

Cody Wilson is a Texas law student who founded Defense Distributed, a non-profit that develops and publishes open-source, 3D-printable gun designs; and DEFCAD, which hosts designs for 3D printable objects without censoring users' uploads to remove misfit objects like gun designs, as other hosts for 3D object designs have done.

Why does all this matter?

The Revolutionary 3D Printer

3D printing is technologically revolutionary because it is so unlimited in its possibilities. The term "3D printing" connotes a very perceptive and exciting way of understanding "additive manufacturing" (Wikipedia article), the more technical and explicitly descriptive name for this exciting new manufacturing process.

Traditional manufacturing machines typically use a "subtractive manufacturing" process, e.g. punching a shape out of a sheet of metal. Such a machine can only produce one kind of object. But-- enabled by computer technology-- a 3D printer can read a digital design for virtually any shape, and by adding successive layers one at a time, can manufacture any object a designer can dream up and model using Computer Aided Design (Wikipedia article) software.

Here is a time elapsed YouTube video of a 3D printer in action:

3D Printer in Action, Time Elapse YouTube Video

Here is a time elapsed YouTube video of a 3D printer in action printing an upgraded version of one of its own parts (most of which were intentionally designed to be 3D printable):

3D Printer in Action, Time Elapse YouTube Video

If the implications of 3D printers printing 3D printers hasn't blown your mind to tiny little pieces, please minimize your browser right now, step outside to go for a walk, and think about what this means for a few minutes...

Coming to a Home Near You

3D printer prices are also dropping rapidly, even as they become more sophisticated all the time.

An obvious parallel is electronic computing. Not very long ago, computers were big, expensive, buggy, and-- by today's standards-- not very powerful at all. Only big corporations, government agencies, or geeky hobbyists owned and used computers. Now computers are small, affordable, user-friendly, and much more powerful than even their most committed enthusiasts imagined-- so small, so affordable, so user-friendly, and so powerful, that you can go to the grocery and see people on food stamps carrying computers in their pockets more powerful than anything NASA had when it sent people to the Moon.

Another parallel is video games. It didn't take very long to go from Pong, Pac-Man, and Galaga-- simple, bulky, expensive arcade games that you had to leave your home to go play-- to The Sims, World of Warcraft, and Mario Galaxy, complex and visually astonishing games that can fit on a single Compact Disc, and which the average consumer can afford to play in their own home.

Consider that the rate of improvement in technology has only increased since the development of computers and video games, and extrapolate: 3D printers will be in every home sooner rather than later, and they will probably be even more sophisticated than even their most committed enthusiasts have imagined. If you don't believe me, check out this Kickstarter project for the RigidBot 3D printer. For just $400, this startup is offering a fully assembled 3D printer to consumers. For just $300, backers can get a kit with everything they need to assemble their 3D printer themselves. The project goal was to raise $31,500. As of this writing, it has raised nearly $700,000.

This is all happening very fast. And it's only going to move faster.

Now There's The Internet

"These 3D printers are hooked up to the Internet. What if they could print, not innocuous things, but relevant things." -Cody Wilson, VICE Podcast interview

"Just how music became software, objects are now becoming software." -Cody Wilson, Alex Jones interview

"The secret is to get it into the Internet in such a way that you can find it anywhere and it can never be stopped." -Cody Wilson, Alex Jones interview

"I don't think we're utopians. I think the real utopia is that you can go back to the 1990s and everything will be perfect forever. All we're saying is no you can't. Now there's the Internet." -Cody Wilson, VICE documentary

The Internet makes 3D printing technology even more revolutionary. Because of the Internet, I can easily and instantly send a copy of information from my computer to your computer. That information could be anything: a business plan, a picture of what I ate for breakfast, music files of songs we both like, these words you're reading right now, and yes, even 3D printable object designs.

Things are changing at such breakneck speed now, that the prohibitionist regime in Washington cannot keep up. Human action is increasing so exponentially in kind and quantity, that the people who want to fight change are simply being left in the dust by those who want to be part of it. The FBI can't even stop millions of people from sharing copies of their music and movies with each other. Short of putting the genie back in the bottle and shutting down the entire Internet, which governments discovered they couldn't even completely accomplish during the Arab Spring, there's no stopping the tidal wave of information. Because of Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed, that information now includes the plans for 3D printable guns.

The 24-min VICE documentary, "Click, Print, Gun," which is embedded at the end of this presentation, chronicles the activities of Defense Distributed, which has worked tirelessly since its inception in the summer of 2012 to engineer plastic 3D printable gun parts that can withstand the forces of a firearm well enough to be a viable tool of self-defense, one that most people will be able to download from the Internet and print in their own homes.

This is a real political act.

Click, Print, Gun

"The battle rifle is the birthright of patriotic Americans." -Cody Wilson, Alex Jones interview

"It's just a dim view of human spontaneity: 'because we are so free, everything must be prohibited.'" -Cody Wilson, VICE documentary

"I don't believe in Romney versus Obama. I believe in real politics. That's a real political act, giving you a magazine, telling you that that will never be taken away. That wasn't true maybe, two weeks ago. Now it's a fact of life. It's a fact of history. That's real politics. That's radical equality. That's what I believe in." -Cody Wilson, Glenn Beck interview

"If it's right for one person to have it, it's right for all to have it. This is a fundament of equality. And we think this applies to the firearm as well. If the police can have it, if the military can have it, then you can have it. You are not a different caliber or quality of person." -Cody Wilson, KOBRA, Cody Wilson on Defense Distributed

Here are video demonstrations of rounds being fired from guns with plastic 3D printed magazines and lower receivers designed by Defense Distributed:

DefDist Printed AR Mag - Part II

DefDist Printed AR Lower - Part III

Shooting over 600 rounds of .223 ammo.
Does not fail from firing stresses:

Defense Distributed - The Cuomo Mag

Defense Distributed - The Feinstein Mag

You can download all of these and more, from Cody Wilson's website The designs are free and open source. Free meaning they are giving this away at no charge. Open source meaning they want you to steal their ideas, improve on their designs, do whatever you want with them. It's not about the money; it's about sending a message.

Being able to download gun designs from other computers on the Internet and then print your own gun in your own home will render gun control irrelevant forever. There will be no need for the Second Amendment any longer. Americans will not have to lobby Congress and hope it keeps the promises the federal government made in the Bill of Rights. It will simply be impossible, short of shutting down the entire Internet, for the government to stop us from being free and possessing firearms. A ban on high-capacity magazines will be unenforceable when manufacturing them becomes decentralized, when millions of people can download and 3D print one of their own.

Help Make Gun Control Impossible

But such a future is not inevitable. You have to do something to make it a reality. On April 1st of this year, Defense Distributed and DefCad went down. Visitors saw a notice from the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security announcing that the domain names had been seized pursuant to an order issued by a U.S. District Court, and that their operators had been indicted for violating federal firearms laws. The next day, the websites were back online, and Defense Distributed's blog posted a screenshot of the previous day's notice with the caption: "Real seizure? Fake seizure? It's a joke either way."

This April Fool's joke raised the specter of a threat that has troubled me ever since. As William Grigg wrote that day at

"How will gun-grabbers carry out their confiscations if people can download 3-D printing applications and manufacture their own?

They will simply steal the websites. No need to pass troublesome laws, or to prove accusations in a court of law -- even a federal court, where jurors are criminally credulous and prosecutors are free to indulge their whims.


UPDATE -- As suggested above, this is an April Fool's Joke intended to dramatize what could happen if the Regime -- which has indeed confiscated web domains in the past -- decided to shut down Defense Distributed."

So what's the answer? If they can just seize Cody Wilson's websites, it's game over, right? Wrong! The April Fool's Day joke was a challenge to free people everywhere. Cody has done his part. He's created the designs. He's made them available online. But there's nothing he can do if his website is seized. Now you must act to truly make gun control irrelevant and impossible. The solution is simple: Download all the gun designs from DefCad right now.

The Washington regime can shut down one domain, but it can't stop a million of us if we make millions of copies of these designs and share them in decentralized fashion on peer-to-peer networks to propagate them onto millions of computers across the world, onto as many computers as possible! If you want to engage in a real political act, if you want to make a real difference, if you want to send a loud and clear message to those who would take our guns that they'll never be able to, you will download every gun design from right now.

It doesn't matter that you don't have a 3D printer in your home today. You'll have one soon enough. Your urgent task right now is to get a copy of the designs on your computer so the government can never stop this or make it go away, so that it will literally be impossible for the government to enforce gun control. This is a demonstration of what we're capable of, a true and mighty show of force. I downloaded the gun designs from DefCad last month and it was easy. It took only a few minutes. The files are actually not very big.

There is nothing more revolutionary that you can do right now than typing into your browser, selecting "Browse" in the navigation toolbar, clicking on the DefCad Mega Pack graphic, and downloading the gun part designs to your computer. If you're a hardcore revolutionary and understand just how important it is to decentralize and propagate these designs, you'll download and install the free uTorrent application first if you don't already have it on your computer, then use it to download DefCad's BitTorrent version of its Mega Pack files, and start seeding the torrent files using your uTorrent application. This way, even if DefCad is seized by the gun grabbing government, patriots everywhere will be able to download the gun designs they want (and have a right to possess) right from your computer!

If you're confused by any of this terminology or any of the technology involved: be curious. Remember you have Google and Wikipedia powers now. Use them!

A Final Note

Defense Distributed's first ever, fully 3D printable (except for a single metal nail for the firing pin) handgun. Credit: Michael Thad Carter for Forbes

Cody Wilson has been promising to release a full, 3D printable gun, not just gun parts, but the entire gun, by the end of April. He's just a couple days behind deadline, but Forbes magazine announced Friday, May 3rd that Wilson has revealed the fully 3D printable handgun (except for a single metal nail for the firing pin), and will demonstrate it sometime next week. Things will move fast when this happens. Cody Wilson is not going to get away with this forever. It's too disruptive. The opponents of change will want to stop him once they comprehend the implications of this project. The federal government will take notice at some point and next week might be it. I encourage you to be vigilant.

Keep checking Cody's websites daily over the next week and as soon as the new designs are available, download them!

Update: They're available.

And after you've downloaded your guns, if you would, I ask that you please share this article to help spread the news and light the brush fire of freedom! Tell people via Facebook, Twitter, and Email that you've downloaded a gun, and that they can read this article to understand how they can too and why it's so important for them to do so as well.

Cody Wilson Videos

To help this post to load faster on your browser, I've included all the relevant videos I wanted to share in a separate post. Click the link to view: Cody Wilson Videos, Interviews, Speeches, Demos.



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