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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rand Paul Reaches for Reaganesque Performance in Simi Valley, Plays Politics

I'm notoriously awful at using email efficiently and responding to emails quickly (something I am seriously working on right now by taking a very critical, problem-solving look at how I use email, and I've got to say I'm embarrassed to be this amazed at how many tools Google gives you to help you use email effectively --and at how good they are).

Given my notorious awfulness, an email from Dan Felden has been sitting in my inbox for a few too many days now, but luckily, content as good as the article he wanted to share with me just doesn't go stale. I don't know Dan, but after reading his account of Rand Paul's speech in California late last month, I've got to recommend it to you as some very good, and very entertaining writing.

No teaser. Go to his site and check it out. Link here.

Thanks, Dan!