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Friday, September 27, 2013

Gun Technology Is Inherently Liberal, Because It Empowers The Disempowered

Credit: Kitty Hell

The existence and availability of gun technology is a great equalizer for the physically weaker and more vulnerable among us.

Take for instance, this 15-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister, who were home alone one Tuesday afternoon in 2010 when two strangers tried to break into their house. Without gun technology, these two children would have certainly been in worse danger.

Gun technology confers physical parity upon those who are physically disempowered against stronger bullies or intra-species predators, because they have smaller or weaker bodies.

Two thundering, violent, adult, male brutes breaking into a house don't need gun technology to overpower and abuse or even kill two children. But without gun technology, the children would likely never be able to overpower and neutralize these predatory adults' physical advantage.

The quality of the technology is relevant to its effectiveness and the best interests and best practices of millions of peaceful, non-troublemaking people who want to have access to this technology should not be subject to reactionary compulsory regulations.

By "reactionary," I mean: arbitrarily crafted in the wake of the latest tasteless corporate national media murder frenzy; and by "compulsory," I mean: enforced through threats and intimidation by the notoriously and brazenly violent bullies of what Ayn Rand once called the most "blunt force trauma instrument" in the history of mankind-- the US federal government!

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