The Humble Libertarian

Thursday, September 5, 2013

There Are Plenty of Good Reasons You Might Want to ID Yourself: Why Should The State Have a Monopoly?

Today my very creative libertarian Muslim friend, Davi Barker, wrote on his Facebook:

"Anyone feel like spotting me $900 bucks so I can start issuing custom full color plastic agorist identification cards?

A commenter responded:

"that's very statist of you"

Davi's answer:

"How do you figure? There are plenty of legitimate reasons to verify your identity. I don't see why the State should have a monopoly."

Commenter's response:


Davi's followup:

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the whole point of Shiny Badges is to provide market alternatives of Statist insignia. Lapel pins. Badges. Declarations. Soon flags, maybe ID cards. That's the joke... or is it the strategy. Maybe it's a strategy disguised as a joke.

Another commenter wrote:

I'm saddened that you didn't check https://www.bitcoinstore.com/badgy-bdg101fru-card-printer.html first! You can save over $165 and pay with Bitcoin!

Davi answered:

That's awesome! Thanks. That'll be how I do it when I do it! I gotta crunch some numbers.

And another commenter had a great suggestion:

What about starting a kick starter. I'm sure many if us would like to help out but few us van actually do 900

I wrote:

"If you started a Kickstarter and at a reasonable enough contribution level people could get their own ID card, and if you thought some more about it and came up with a truly functional private ID card with some real potential uses; an excellent, useful, and remarkable look and layout; and and a plan for your brand to build a trusted reputation with cards that are easily identifiable as your issue, somehow difficult to fake (I think there are all kinds of awesome solutions to this), and a trusted verification process for someone to get a card-- you might have a very cool business idea on your hands that a lot of people would support. I'd be interested in getting one of these and I know a few people I think would be too."

A very, very cool idea.