The Humble Libertarian

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tired of Endless War? There's Only ONE Solution, and I Would Have Never Guessed

This free audiobook, The Origins of War in Child Abuse-- written by Lloyd Demause and read aloud by libertarianism's greatest living orator, Stefan Molyneux-- is a uniquely incisive work of historical scholarship that examines how human history was experienced by children, and why their experiences have created a society prone to the self-destructive frenzy of war.

If you are anti-war, this book delves into the root causes of war in a way that no other has, and reveals so many interesting facts about the lead up to specific wars it will make your head spin. Demause makes a compelling case that war is not primarily an economic nor political phenomenon, but a psychological one.

Demause's investigation into the history of war concludes that each war is an episode of mass hysteria centered on self-destruction and human sacrifice, and that the psychological motivations for war can only make sense to a society of people who were abused as children.

If this is true, the one and only way to end future wars is for parents and other adults to stop abusing children.

Give it a listen!