The Humble Libertarian

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The National Conventions Were Very Conventional

Ugh... another pep rally.

The party in power always says how good things are and how it's only going to get better if we keep them in power.

The party out of power always says how bad things are and it's only going to get better if we unseat the ruling party.

This has been going on forever.

Of course it has been.

Problem is, they flip back and forth, in and out of power against each other with pretty great regularity.

And society seems to move in the same general direction regardless of which party is in power.

And the past few years can't really be all good or all bad the way these parties make it out to be.

Just because of one political party.

When it just so happens to be the thing they need to say at that moment to get back in or stay in power.

Maybe they call it a convention because it is very conventional, what's always been done, for obvious reasons.

The script writes itself.

And couldn't write itself any other way.