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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION at a Campaign Stop in Arkansas! [PHOTOS]

LITTLE ROCK - At a campaign stop in Arkansas Thursday, Hillary Clinton had a so-called "wardrobe malfunction," and the now virally-circulating photograph of the incident will most likely break the Internet:

The Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee's top seemed to slip down as Clinton raised her arm to wave to the crowd:

Revealing, as you can see, that her skin is actually some kind of artificial skin, covering what looks like reptile scales!

The campaign wouldn't return our calls for comment on this wardrobe malfunction, but it would appear that Hillary Clinton is not who she says she is.

This 100% real photograph more or less confirms our worst fears, that the most powerful politicians are not human, but reptoids, a race of alien reptilians from another planet.

May God help us all.