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Monday, January 9, 2017

15 Pictures Of Famous Politicians Throwing Up Middle Fingers

From The Richest:

"Politics is a dirty business, and although politicians have to appeal to a broad section of society including straight-laced, buttoned-down squares who would never curse or lift their middle finger even when provoked, most politicians have pretty severe potty mouths behind closed doors. It’s part of the political culture.

But sometimes a swear word slips through on a hot mic. Or when they’ve hit the limit of their patience, even the following famous politicians will brazenly put up a middle finger and flip off their interlocutors. On camera. Other times they’ll try to sneak one in and play it off as an articulating gesture or a scratch of the cheek. But you might be surprised which one flipped off the camera just for a laugh."

Check out this list at The Richest to see one of Rand Paul flipping off the media. Hahahaha.