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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Why Does Humble Libertarian Link To Crazy Conspiracy Stuff That Undercuts Libertarianism?"

A Humble Libertarian reader messaged me on Facebook to ask:

Dude is Alex Jones still on the 911 truth "Bush did it" train?

reason I ask is I see that you listed them as a top 10 Libertarian site but I think crazy stuff like that undercuts pretty much everything he/Info Wars does

I responded:

oh yeah, but he's worse than that in a lot of ways

i think with his antics, he riles up a lot of angry people with mental illness

then again, i can also say that i think he reports news that MSM won't report and reports fair points about it that MSM won't make

and i think the same criticism can be made of MSM (riles people up to be angry and worsens mental illness)

Then he said:

his Bohemian Grove stuff "Look! they are worshiping an owl!"

nah it''s just a bunch of rich pricks doing some fraternal bullshit.


^love that he had the balls to just walk up to their party and take video of it. def deserves props for that

it's a tough call for sure.

last time i edited and revised that list was 2013. i gave an explanation for it at the time saying more or less that my latest version of it was the most robust and diverse version with a lot of people in the libertarian world that are very different and don't consider it an unqualified endorsement, just information about who's big in libertarianism

THL Reader:

I understand that it's not all in a vacuum

Alex Jones can believe that Hillary Clinton is possessed by a demon AND make some salient points against the MSM at the same time

Not sure why Libertarian sites seem to attract crazies

which is why I like "Reason"

most of the stuff I've read from them seems



(And here's what I most wanted to share with y'all) Messamore:

not sure why we always get the bad rap for attracting crazies. you see 'em all over the Republican and Democratic Parties in many different forms.

i bet even by percentage, the more conventional political groups have more crazies.

THL Reader:

Republicans attract religious fundamentalists. Democrats attract those weird super libs with their 27 gender pronouns

Libertarians attract the type that want UFO and alien disclosure

I like those types better than the fundamentalists and the gender pronoun people actually

Hahaha. The truth is out there.

Anywho-- the Humble Libertarian list of top 100 libertarian websites and blogs is outdated (last update being 2013) and is in disrepair again. Do people read libertarian blogs anymore? Is anyone interested in an update?

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