The Humble Libertarian

Monday, March 6, 2017

Tell us about a charity or social cause you admire and support

I just answered Seth Godin's call for good people interested in doing good work on upcoming projects. I've always admired and bought into Godin's philosophy 100%.

One question he asks on the form is:

Tell us about a charity or social cause you admire and support

I answered:

"Libertarianism-- no, not partisan hack libertarianism that always votes (R)-- but the cause that believes in peaceful solutions to social problems, and seeks to convince the world that only peaceful solutions are real solutions, and that change by blunt force trauma (the kind of change that governments typically favor because it's hardwired into their very nature) causes more and worse problems than it solves. Just ask the people of Iraq. Or the countless victims of the 40 year War on Drugs. Or the hungry people of Venezuela. Or or or..."

He also wrote:

If there's anything else you want to add, please do! (Let me know if we share a mutual friend, about what you hope to accomplish, about what your superpower is or a particular achievement...)

And I answered:

"I have a burning desire to be a giant of world historical significance. I aim at doing more for the world than the world does for me, although it is impossible because we stand on the shoulders of so many giants who have given such remarkable gifts to us. But I don't just want to be lucky that others were here, which I am. I want others to be lucky that I was here too."

I liked my answers so much I wanted to share them with you.