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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Is Fake News Taking Over Your Brain?

Are you stuck in the never-ending toilet swirl of the mainstream media news cycle?

Even most "serious" news like all the 24-hour cable news networks and the inky gray rags made of dead trees that still get delivered to people's houses from a truck two decades deep into the 21st century are all just basically gossip columns that cover politicians and journalists instead of actors and singers.

Which actually kind of makes sense now that I think about it... that's all politicians and journalists are:

Politicians are actors (not people who take action, people who read their scripted lines on television to entertain you while the state goes about its business off camera).

Journalists are singers (not people who tell you the truth, people who sing you a song about the truth and justice and all that to entertain you while the state goes about its business off camera).

So if you want to stop chasing your tail with everybody else until you end up like this guy, with nothing left on your deathbed but your friend calling you from another state to lie to you that Trump had been impeached so you can die with a grin on your face and that's what your life has amounted to...

Grab the side of the toilet bowl and pull with all your might all at once and once you've made it out, never go near that place again. It's easy to lose track of time and forget how long you've been swirling around in that shit.

What are this week's three acceptable #topics to groupthink about with everybody else, huh? #NKorea #OReilly and #Trump?

Look you're going to forget about those first two by next week. #Nkorea next month at the latest. I know, #Trump will be one of the top three most weeks for the next 4 - 8 years, but you'll forget about that one too as soon as the next #POTUS enters the swirl.

"Miss Me Yet?"

"Huh? Who said that?? You? Oh no! Miss you? We've been trying our damnedest not to even remember you. Thank God for the news cycle. Guys quick! What are we talking about this week?? Quick! Please! I need this. *toilet flushing sounds* Ahhhhh that's better. Feels so good to get my brain wet!"

Here's some toilet paper. Wipe your mouth.

We'll never speak of this again.

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