The Humble Libertarian

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Capitalism's Characteristics: Why Capitalism Is Good

When you have the great foresight not to consume every resource you've got, what's left over becomes savings.

When you have the great insight to trade your savings for tools that make you more productive, your savings become capital.

Why Capitalism Is Good

Capital is what makes work a little or a lot easier on you, and the key to getting ahead is spending less on consumption and investing more on capital.

Most people consume right up to their limit, and they stay poor or middle class forever.

Those who have great success in life are usually those who create more for the rest of the world than they consume.

Capitalism's Characteristics

Resources find their way into such a person's hand in great amounts because they will grow in that person's care.

Most of us are more or less given exactly as much as we can be trusted to be responsible with in this world.

For many of us that's just enough not to die or riot each month.

For a very few of us that's all the treasures of our great civilization.