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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Can Twitter Help Me Dox These Confederate Flag Bikini Girls Too?

Amateur sleuths have been on high alert since Charlottesville, doxxing people from photos of the white supremacist rally.

Doxxing the wrong people hasn't stopped 'em either! Meh, sometimes there's setbacks, right?

Glorious Anti-Fascist leader Vladimir Lenin once said: "If you want to make an omelet. You've got to break some eggs!"

Well can I get your help doxxing these ladies wearing confederate flag bikinis so we can get them fired from their jobs too?

You armchair Antifas are not going to succeed just going after the young men of the white racist movement.

You've got to fight back against the hot girls of white racism or you'll never get anywhere.

As long as they keep dressing up in these revealing Confederate flag bikinis, men will keep showing up for crazy rallies.

Who do you think they're trying to impress?

And who are all these sexy racists? Good God.