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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Look, and If I'm Completely Wrong and Kim Jong-un Is a Mad Man...

And not just a dictator in a country we bombed to hell in the 50's trying to keep himself and his people alive while Washington's occupying military forces regularly conduct war games to practice invading his country...

And he totally is just insane and potentially suicidal...

And he's got nukes...

And he's almost got missiles that can fly them to us...

Then we definitely don't want to put more pressure on him.

You think this is how hostage negotiators talk?

To crazy, potentially suicidal guys who've taken hostages?

We're gonna meet you
"with fire and fury like
the world has never seen!"

Hell no.

Hostage negotiators talk those guys down.

They don't try to scare them and stir them up.

They don't put pressure on them.

Here is the NYPD Crisis Negotiations Team's
7 essential crisis negotiation skills:

Crisis Negotiation Skills #1. “Talk to Me”
[Keeping lines of communication open]

Crisis Negotiation Skills #2. Patience
“avoid jumping to conclusions and rushing quickly towards a resolution"

Crisis Negotiation Skills #3. Active Listening
affective: when it is used to build trust and rapport
effective: resulting in information gathering

Crisis Negotiation Skills #4. Respect
Active listening and patience are high on the list

Crisis Negotiation Skills #5. Calm
the most critical police negotiation techniques

Crisis Negotiation Skills #6. Self-Awareness
oh Lord help us

Crisis Negotiation Skills #7. Adaptability
negotiations are never uniform or universal

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