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Sunday, September 17, 2017

8 Times Ron Paul Talked Trash and Busted Balls Like a Savage

1. Ron Paul: My Gold Investments Have Kicked The NASDAQ's Candy Ass Since 2000

In April of 2017 Ron Paul said that the Federal Reserve's breakneck expansion of the money supply will eventually lead to another bust cycle in the stock market.

The CNBC anchor challenged him with this question:

"The NASDAQ as you know has hit 6000. You're still a believer in gold. How do you explain the stock market's strength and are you still sticking by gold, Dr. Paul?"

That's when Ron Paul mercilessly trash talked the stock market like an absolute savage:

"All you have to do is go back to the year 2000, and the Nasdaq was at 5,000. And now it's all the way up to 6,000, after what, 17 years?"

Ron Paul continued:

"Gold back then was less than $300, and it's $1,200. So I would say gold has done very, very well in that period of time. And besides the 20 percent increase in the Nasdaq, if you discount for the inflation... that's not the greatest investment in the world."

2. Ron Paul Challenges Other GOP Presidential Candidates to a Bike Race in The Texas Heat

When Wolf Blitzer- who's old as balls- badgered Ron Paul about his age at a Republican presidential debate in 2012, Ron Paul basically said, "Okay, bike race me then, bitch!"

3. Ron Paul's Epic Trash TV Appearance in 1988

When Ron Paul ran for president as the Libertarian Party nominee in 1988, he went on Morton Downey Jr.'s aptly named television show and got in an epic shouting match with all the buffoons in the very hostile studio audience.

To this day, if you mention it to him, he will get embarrassed, but I think it's absolutely glorious.

At one point, an audience member says the government should lock up even more people for smoking weed.

Ron Paul actually says in response:

"The government can't make you a good person. It can't make you follow good habits. Why don't they put you on a diet? You're a little overweight!"

This is his face as he says it:


The guy was dumbfounded at the idea that the government could dictate his personal choices too.

This was his facial reaction, which I cannot look at without laughing so hard I almost cry:

Here's the video clip:

4. "Oh yeah, I need the government to take care of me. I don't want to use heroin, so I need these laws!"

*Massive applause from the debate audience*

This was during the 2012 Republican presidential primary debate in South Carolina. Chris Wallace acts like a crybaby about it.

Buddy, they weren't applauding heroin. They were applauding freedom, limited government, and common sense.

You may have noticed the YouTube channel that uploaded this clip says, "This is where I part ways with Dr. Paul."

Well just Google "drug legalization portugal." Because they did legalize heroin in 2001- and every other drug there is.

And they are now massively better off than the rest of Europe and America, with less drug use, abuse, and overdoses.

So I'm just saying, ya know... facts.

5. Ron Paul to a Fox New anchor: "Well I don't know how something like that qualifies as a question on national TV as if it's something serious."

The Fox News anchor glared daggers at him when he called her out on asking a stupid, hostile interview question:

6. Ron Paul's What If Speech Video: In which he rips U.S. foreign policy to shreds

A most concise, direct, well-argued, and nearly poetic critical analysis of Washington foreign policy.

This is a speech Ron Paul gave on the House floor.

Someone turned it into an awesome video with some music, effects, and kinetic typography.

7. Ron Paul: Marching Orders - He says everything that needed to be said. The crowd goes wild.

Chris Wallace asks: "You're basically saying we should take our marching orders from Al Qaeda? If they want us to leave the Arabian Peninsula, we should leave?"

Paul fires back: "No! I'm saying we should take our marching orders from the Constitution!"

8. Ron Paul Tells Mitt Romney to Get Real

In this 2012 debate, Ron Paul basically body slams Mitt Romney with what we all know to be true about Washington politics.

The audience's roaring approval actually causes Romney to lose his composure so badly he looks like a malfunctioning robot.

It's just too funny for words. Watch: